14 Must-Have Amazon Products for People Working From Home

Hey there “working from home” friend. I see you.

Here are my favorite products and gadgets that will make working from home much easier & fun. 

Said that, I want to be upfront & let you know that, as an Amazon Associate, I may earn a commission, should you decide to buy using my recommendations.

However, this does not change the price for you, and I do love all of these products & companies, and surely you will too!

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laptop stand for desk
laptop stand for desk best office tool ever

Back in 2020, when as most of us, I started to work longer and longer from my laptop, this was the FIRST purchase I made, and I am so happy about it.

This stand fits any laptop from 10 to 15.6 inches. As I only use it at home, I took a sturdy version, that is not pliable, but let me also link the most affordable pliable and transportable version, that you can easily take everywhere with you.

Promising review: “Worth it! For a portable, easy to fold, space saving laptop stand, this is worth the money. Unfolding is a little fiddly as you have to get it in the holes but folding it away takes seconds. Variable heights are handy, I can use it along side my monitor and have it eye level or I can have it elevated to offer better ventilation for the fans.” —Amazon Customer

Check it on Amazon right here.

adjustable laptop tray table

photo from amazon.com

This can be used as a standing desk or as a table while working from bed!

Promising review: “I hate how much I love this. I didn’t own a desk and now work primarily from home so this desk has become a must-have. It is very sturdy and I feel like I’m swimming in space underneath it. The top has some kind of pseudo leather and is anti-slip so I don’t loose everything and it has cool inserts that help things from falling if I set it at an angle. Puts the fun in Functional.” TweedleDumsTwin

Check it out on Amazon USA and Amazon UK (available in different colors).

24-inch budget-friendly monitor

It features a 75Hz refresh rate with 1080p resolution, making it suitable for casual gaming too. It has two HDMI ports — be sure to pick up a USB-C hub if you’re planning to connect a MacBook (I’ve used this one for years and like it!).

Promising reviews: “If you work from home, you must have this in your life! Super easy to set up, great packaging, great quality, great price. I absolutely LOVE this!” RundownwithRachel

“Just set this monitor up, and so far it’s earned all five stars! It was easy to assemble, it’s compatible with my MacBook Pro (with a USB-C adapter), and the picture is great! I just wanted another monitor for when I work from home, so having something available that was affordable like this was perfect for what I needed.” Allison H.

Check out a bestseller on Amazon UK for £159.99

portable monitor

photo from Amazon

This is *perfect* if you like to take your work to the local coffee shop on nice days.

The Lepow Z1-Gamut is a 15.6-inch IPS monitor with a mini HDMI port, a USB-C port, dual speakers, and a higher color gamut (basically, more vivid visuals). At 1080p and 60Hz, it’s not a bad option for casual gaming in your off hours either (many reviewers are using it with their Nintendo Switch).

Promising review: “I purchased this portable monitor to help with working at home since I’m unable to take home one of my work monitor. I’m beyond happy with the quality of the monitor. Truly the quality between my laptop and the portable monitor is beyond similar. It’s def a must buy for anyone working from home. I’m also excited to use this product when we are allowed to travel again. I will be able work with two monitors at any hotel or airport.” Monique

Get it from Amazon USA for $219.99 and Amazon UK for £179.99

Promising review: “Must-have for teleworkers! This mat is the perfect size and protects my chalk-painted desk. It eliminates the need for an additional mouse pad due to the smooth surface. I love that it is reversible with a shimmery aqua color on one side and a soft silvery color on the other. The stitching around the edges appears strong and even. I’m very happy with this purchase for my current teleworking!” Elizabeth S. James

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in eight color combinations and three sizes).

adjustable foam footrest for placing under your desk
adjustable foam footrest for placing under your desk

photo from Amazon

I’ve been using this particular footrest for well over a year now, and I can say I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I was while sitting until I had this. I’m 5’3 and use the full height of this footrest to ensure my feet are completely supported, but you can remove the bottom part to adjust the height if needed. The velvety cover also comes off and can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Promising review: “Excellent product, really improves my home office setup. Great footrest, stays put and is very comfortable without being squishy like a pillow, which would just be annoying. Material is durable and does not absorb odors (NYC air is often stinky). Most important, it doesn’t make my feet hot, even in the summer. Awesome product, a must-have especially when the coronavirus has made it necessary for many folks to work from home.” SophiaD

Get it from Amazon for less then $40

photo from Amazon

Promising review: “Working from home like a lot of people I eat at my desk. Crumbs were getting everywhere. Plus my cat loved to lay on my keyboard if I was using my laptop. It does such a great job of getting fur and crumbs up. I used a little bit at first because some of the reviews were saying it was sticking. But I didn’t have that problem at all. It only now it’s sticking to my keyboard and hands more. But that makes sense it’s just a glob if junk. So much better than an air can. A must-have for all office desks.” Ashley

Check our more options here from Amazon USA 

photo from Amazon

Promising reviews: “Work from home must-have. I work from home so I have a lot of items plugged in to the two nearest outlets. This six-outlet with the two USB ports and night light is awesome! Should’ve bought another for the other wall!” —Megan H.

“I work from home in a small apartment, and this really made my setup work the way I want it to. I need to use all six plugs, plus I like to keep my phone and MiFi charging while working too. This was the perfect thing for me to get everything plugged in and essentially retrofitted into a built-in apartment wall desk setup that was intended for the large desktop towers of the late ’90s. I’m ordering a second one in hopes it transforms another part of my weird floor plan. Bonus: The USB ports seem to fast charge my iPhone XS Max. I can go from dead to fully charged in about 90 minutes.” Moose

Check more options on Amazon USA

photos from Amazon

Promising review: “I have been needing some blue-light-blocking glasses due to the increase in the amount of time I am spending online when working at home. I love the style of these two frames: They are trendy, lightweight, and comfortable. I have gotten a few compliments on them when on Zoom meetings! A must-buy. I definitely have noticed less eye strain for sure!” carabetha

Get a set of two from Amazon for $13+ (available in 13 color combos).

photos from Amazon

This holder also has grippy pads on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around or scratch your desk!

Promising reviews: “A WFH must-have. This phone stand is wonderful to have on my desk while working from home. It would make a great stocking stuffer, too!” Audrey McDonald

“I bought this for all of the Zoom meetings I was conducting at home. It works great! It’s very sturdy and allows me a good angle when speaking to clients. Would recommend.” Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (available in eight colors). 

photo from Amazon

You can either use this with your phone mounted just under the light for FaceTime, or if you’re calling or filming from a laptop, you can set up the tripod or the light on your desk behind the screen. Boom, fancy lighting.

Promising review: “All around great item and great price! Provides great, easily adjustable light at three different color temps. Must-have for the working from home professional or DIY vlogger.” iluvstuff

Get it from Amazon for $30.45 (also available with stand or tripod).

photos from Amazon

Reviewers say it’s sturdy, assembles in minutes, and has worked wonders for both their back pain and productivity.

Promising reviews: “Working from home, having a standing desk is critical. I can work more easily without always sitting. I can hug family as they leave for the day without losing work and just turning around. I can keep my cat off my keyboard during meetings. If I am starting to drift off or lose concentration, I can stand and stretch. It forces me to organize my desk (moving it up and then down, I have to keep it clean and clear). It has been pretty wonderful.” —Angelfishu

Super easy to put together. It probably took me 10 minutes to do. The instructions had no wording, only pictures, but you should be able to figure it out based on just pictures. Looks great. Movement is also easy as far as going up and down. I think if you work from home this is a must have.”Kate Mc

Check different options on Amazon USA or Amazon UK

photos from Amazon

I’ve been obsessed with the FlexiSpot Comhar EG8 standing desk for well over a year now, and I really can’t recommend it enough if you’re ready to invest in a high-quality standing desk. I will soon have the white desk with a glass top, (if I can only find it available in stock). It will look super modern and elegant in my home office. There’s a thin drawer in the front — you won’t be storing anything super thick in there, but it’s great for putting papers, Post-its, and other small items out of the way. 

The actual standing desk feature works like a charm — since it’s just me using this desk, I only use two of the four height presets: one for my sitting position, and one for my standing position. An anti-collision feature is also built in, meaning the desk will stop moving if it detects an obstacle in its way. I’ve found this feature can be a little hit or miss, so it’s best to keep the area clear and just be attentive as it moves up and down. The child lock is *particularly* handy — I don’t have kids around, but it’s easy to bump into the control panel and accidentally activate the desk if you don’t have this lock turned on.

Another promising review: “LOVE this desk. Super easy to assemble, and the built-in drawer keeps things so tidy. I like the child safety lock, too. It took a few weeks to arrive but was very well-packaged. The quality blows me away. Before the pandemic, I worked at various offices with all different kinds of stand-up desks, and this one by far is the most versatile and well made. This is a must-have upgrade if you’re working from home. Beautiful, functional and the child lock feature makes it safe if kids are around. Can’t recommend enough.” Brie

The one I am obsessed with is sold out, but check this amazing option here on Amazon USA  (available in four colors and with a wood or glass top), and Amazon UK. 

photos from Amazon

Promising reviews: “This chair is amazingly comfortable. Especially with the lumbar pillow I received from the seller. I was in desperate need of a new chair, and this chair meet my need. I love it! Definitely a must-have for your home office.” LNG

“I got spoiled by a Herman Miller chair at work. I’ve been putting up with some cheap cloth and foam computer desk chair for years. Now that I’m a bit older, and do some work at home, I needed more comfort and support, and this chair works for what I need and it didn’t cost me $800. Granted this one isn’t as adjustable, and the lumbar support isn’t pronounced, but it is soooo much better than what I had. It might be difficult for some to put together, as it can be a bit heavy for one person, but the weight also contributes to the ‘well-made’ feeling once put together. The best thing about this chair is the size of the seat, which fully supports my butt, and back of my thighs, all the way to the back of my knees. The neck support is nice too, but I could see some being irritated with the limited positioning — it can be removed.” Christopher L. Dulawan

Check this option here on Amazon USA

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Amazon Must Have Items To Successfully Work From Home | Ina Media
Amazon Must Have Items To Successfully Work From Home | Ina Media

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  2. I was looking into buying a laptop stand because my Macbook is always overheating, which can be annoying when I am recording online courses. Thanks so much for your recommendation, it looks really pretty

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