2 things that are stoping your social media growth blog

2 things That are stopping your social media growth

I am writing this post with a hot cup of tea in hand, 🍵 in the middle of the night, after updating all my blog posts to make them more SEO friendly (long story) and working on my new article “Become a Freelance Instagram Manager”. 

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The other day I was creating an instagram post about why people do not see results on social media, and from experience I have seen, that those who do not see results are those who do not show up, who are not consistent in their efforts; not just posting.

So, I wanted to share with you the two main reasons people don’t show up on social media.

The way I see it – if you want to grow on social media but are struggling, either you don’t have the confidence or you feel discouraged because you’re not getting results. Do you agree?

Why? Because showing up on social media creates a million “what ifs.”

What if you don’t get any likes? What if your friends judge you? What if you make a mistake? If you let it – it will stop you in your tracks.

The thing is, there’s actually a really simple mindset trick you can use to overcome those thoughts + reframe not only your mindset but your whole identity.

I’m sharing this simple trick that works for me. Just forget about what other people think. Their opinions do not pay your bills.

Also, when you are creating or showing up on stories, lives and videos, just think like you are talking to one single person; like you are talking to explain to your best friend, and you want that person to succeed.

And then there are others of you reading this who are like, “Ina, but I’m doing it. I’m showing up. I’m posting. I just am not seeing results.”

If that’s you, I want you to know – I see you and I get it. I really don’t buy into the myth that all you need to do is post enough on social media and you’re going to grow.

Anyone who’s tried that enough times (hello me just the past year) knows it’s just not true. I tried posting even multiple times a day, and it just made me lose followers ( I guess they had enough of me).

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2 things that are stoping your social media growth blog
2 things that are stoping your social media growth blog


7 thoughts on “2 things That are stopping your social media growth”

  1. I’ve been trying to grow my socials over the past year and it’s such a slow roll! Definitely need to strategize in the new year on how to get consistent growth.

  2. Getting past what people think is the hardest part for me. I hesitate often with that in the back of my mind. But, I’m working in it. My husband is always reminding that I need to get past this. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. This was informative, yet inspirational. I guess most bloggers goal each month is to grow their social media abd blog traffic. Thanks for sharing the links to your other blogs and resources.

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