Interview over the impact of Covid_19: Andrea Zahurancova

Featuring my interview with the travel blogger Andrea Zahurancova, which I really like and admire for her amazing photography, explorative spirit and top hiking spots shown on her profile. 

Thank you for reading this New Section of my blog, where I interview travel bloggers to know their opinions over the impact that covid-19 is having on travel and tourism itself. 

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Andrea : 

Hey girl, 
Thanks a lot for including me in your blog, I do really appreciate it. 


My pleasure and thank you for accepting immediately to be part of my blog. 

Let’s dive in! 

How do you believe the travel industry is going to be affected post the coronavirus? 

I think that in 2020, the majority of travel plans outside of our home country will be cancelled. In Slovakia, where I was born and raised, people are planning their vacations at home – we have wonderful places here. I strongly believe that 2021 will be the year when our abroad travel plans will be realizable again.  

Do you trust that everything will go back to normal, or that the world is going to change and this will impact leisure travel forever? 

I do not think the world will be the same as it was. The actual situation is changing a lot and we will be affected by it for a long-long time. However, I cannot predict exactly how… The entire Coronavirus situation is experienced by the whole world for the first time, so let’s see! But I believe that after this, people will be more down-to-earth, more thankful and they will be appreciating every aspect of freedom even more. The things we have been taking for granted somehow for a long-long time are now not available to us, which makes us realize how fortunate we had actually been before and how precious the freedom is. Freedom of travel, of having endless possibilities. 

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travel bloggers interview covid19 andreazahurancova

What kind of changes you expect, or what do you predict that those changes will be?

 At least in 2020, the tourism industry will be suffering. Many accommodations, airlines and travel agencies will not make it, unfortunately. The same goes with other industries. Economy will be hurt. People are losing their jobs, insecurity is growing. It is going to be a hard year – for all of us! 

What are your favorite pastimes during the self-isolation? 

I started with ice baths – and I am loving the activity. It is an ideal energy and immunity booster for me – and a great out-of-my-comfort-zone to practice. And yes, I sleep more, I spend more time in nature and I am also learning how to do a handstand, front and middle splits. Activities I have been planning to do for a loooong time 😊 

Me: Oh WOW! 

Where do you see yourself and your projects post-Coronavirus? 

We are having an eshop “Eyerim” with sunglasses, so, fortunately, we are still able to work, we did not have to shut down, as almost all brick-and-mortar stores in Slovakia did. We will survive, I believe, and once the situation is better, we will finally switch from home offices to our regular offices and start seeing each other. What I miss the most these weeks: my team, my colleagues.  

Your opinion for the above questions? 

Relevant, on point. Actually – you asked everything that has been in my mind recently. 

 Thanks a lot my dear, looking forward to the article. 

Love and stay safe, 


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33 thoughts on “Interview: Andrea Zahurancova”

  1. The world has become so different with COVID, and I’m interested to see what changed permanently. Also, these pictures are beautiful!

  2. What a nice interview. I totally agree with you interviewee — everything is going to be different after Coronavirus. Our use of airlines will look different and our travel itself will be different. I can’t quite see what’s coming either but it will be different.

  3. I think she’s right about more local travel. I think we’ll see an increase in shorter, weekend trips that can be reached via car.

    1. I totally agree that local travel will be more prevalent. Things will definitely change.

  4. I totally agree, things will never be the same again not to mention the economy downfall in my country will make it harder for us to travel.

  5. Great interview. Thanks for sharing. I so agree with her. Things won’t be back to normal for a long time, and we don’t know the full impact yet. Let’s hope (with her) that there will be something positive coming from it too.

  6. This is interesting to read. We were travelling full time when the virus hit and are missing it so much. It is nice, however, to slow life down a little bit and enjoy each others company. We will travel again!

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