best profitable Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022

8 Most Profitable Instagram Niches for Growth & Making Money in 2022

Instagram has become one of the most profitable platforms for businesses, brands and bloggers. Here you have every opportunity to monetize your lifestyle and business ideas with minimal investments.

Sounds easy, right?  “The Catch” is that you need to know the right niche to be in and use it to its full potential. It can be extremely difficult to stand out when your profile is just one in a million similar profiles. Before you choose your niche, think of what kind of monetization you are after:

  • Having brand sponsorships
  • Directing traffic to products (partnerships)
  • Selling your own product (online business)

In case you are still struggling to choose the most profitable Instagram niche, here is a list of niches that work best in 2022. 

Instagram Growth Hacks from an Instagram Manager

What is an Instagram niche?

Let’s say you are a blogger, an influencer, or just a person with an Instagram account. Chances are you post content under a certain category that might seem interesting to a certain group of people.

This particular category or topic within which you plan and post your content is what they call a niche. And this kind of niche content is extremely attractive to brands and businesses as a platform for advertising and sponsorships. Considering the latest social network trends, advertising is much more preferable to annoying “in-your-face” ads (and, as shown, much more profitable). 

What’s a niche that brings money?


  1. There are over a thousand niches on Instagram at the moment. This means that it’s highly unlikely that you can choose a unique niche no one has thought of before. So whatever you want your content to be about, you must always be ready for competition.
  2. Make sure there is a target audience for your niche. No, this audience doesn’t have to be massive. But if your niche is so obscure it’s known to a thousand people in the entire world, it’s unlikely you’ll get any profit from it.
  3. Don’t choose a niche just because you think it’s high-paying. Unless you are deeply invested in the topic you are going to post about, it won’t work out. The best solution is finding a happy middle ground between what you enjoy and what will bring money.
  4. Post as often as you can, but don’t let your content turn into annoying spam. Your audience must feel you have a genuine interest in what you do. 

Most Profitable Instagram Niches in 2022

1. Health & Fitness

People want to look good, feel good, and enjoy the high quality of life, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The fitness industry caters to this demand, it has been rapidly growing during the past few years and doesn’t show any intent to slow down. The Health & Fitness niche on Instagram remains hugely popular and attracts a massive amount of attention from users.

Are you a nutritionist, fitness trainer or just a person who enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle? Do you think that your advice could really help people? Well, then you have a good chance to grow your audience and monetize your expertise.

Just make sure that you really believe in what you convey to others. Be genuine, share your own experience.

Take it from the people who have already built a decent following by giving honest and genuine advice on how to be healthier and happier: 

TOP-12 Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022

My favorite example is Susan Niebergall. This is not your typical fitness trainer. She is older than most fitness enthusiasts you’ll find on Instagram. However, she is living proof of the fact that age is just a number and not an obstacle on your way to physical perfection. And it’s definitely not an obstacle to building a dedicated audience.

You also have some amazing examples of accounts that are not even sharing a lot of their self, like “nutritionstripped“. but mostly tips and graphics, and her growth is huge because people love seeing valuable, useful, and relatable content. 

TOP-12 Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022

2. Beauty

96% of all beauty brands have firmly established their presence on Instagram. This social platform offers opportunities for businesses operating in the beauty industry like none other. Not surprising at all, as the majority of teenagers learn about new beauty products and purchase them on social networks and thanks to them.

What are users looking for? Product reviews, tutorials, beauty tips, and tricks. This kind of content has been consistently popular over the past years and keeps remaining very attractive to Instagram users.

So if you think that’s right up your lane, go on and try this niche. Just don’t forget one of the hottest trends in social marketing this year – authenticity.

Here are a couple of examples of successful influences operating in this niche:

TOP-12 Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022

Susan is all about beauty products and sharing her opinion on them with her own followers. 

Do not get scared of the big following she has, but instead remember that beauty industry marketers prefer working with micro-influencers now! So you definitely have your chance to shine.

Vanessa is a makeup artist profile example, that is taking the creative side to a next level. It is very entertaining to watch her videos, even if you won’t be doing the full makeup yourself.

TOP-12 Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022

3. Fashion

The Fashion niche is literally thriving on Instagram. As this industry revenues will rise up to nearly $700 million this year, no wonder brands enhance their presence on Instagram where they are loved the most.

People care about how they look. They want to know what other people are wearing – and it’s not just celebrities they are interested in seeing. So if fashion is your greatest passion, go for it! Chances are they want to see what you have to offer.

Here’s my favorite Instagram fashion blogger making this niche work: 

TOP-12 Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022

4. Lifestyle

People love making themselves the heroes of their own stories and listening to amazing stories and seeing themselves as a part of those stories. This is what this Lifestyle niche is all about showcasing your life, your ideas, and your opinions to your own followers. It’s like having your own “reality show”.

Do you have something to tell and to show? Something that could really “Wow” your followers and perhaps make them wish they were in your shoes? Something that could motivate them to grow, to come out of their bubble and think out of the box? If your answer is yes, this niche is for you. And this is my favorite niche, because you can be yourself in multiple levels, and just share what you are up to.

Here is my favorite account in this niche that I think is rocking it:

TOP-12 Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022

5. Business (making money online)

Thanks to this niche, we now have more business opportunities than ever. What’s even more awesome, there are lots of business opportunities that let you earn some money without leaving the comfort of your home.

It is not surprising that a niche like this is well-liked by a huge group of people.

It’s all about making money. Methods, ideas, tips, whatever can motivate people to try and increase their wealth and/or business.

Amie here is one of the accounts that is killing it! She helps people build their income and freedom with an online course. She really inspired me to build my first online course and help others become Instagram Managers like me.

TOP-12 Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022

6. Food & Cooking

People love eating. That’s something that is not going to change, no matter the times, political turmoil or economy. And maybe not all people love cooking but there are definitely lots and lots of those who like to watch someone cook.

Cooking and foodie blogs are at the rise on Instagram. So if you’d like to jump on it and share some awesome recipes and cooking tips with the world, it’s the right time to do so.

7. Travel

Are there any people who don’t like traveling at all? Even if you can’t afford the luxury of traveling to the most amazing parts of the world, there are Instagram travel bloggers. They will bring the world to you, wherever you are. Most impressive destinations, mind-blowing sights, rea-life adventures.

And if you are the one who loves traveling and does that a lot, it’s only natural to start an Instagram blog about your travels and experiences, right?

Here’s someone who can inspire you by example:

TOP-12 Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022

8. Motivational (quotes)

When you don’t have time to read all the inspirational works of literature but really need that motivational wisdom in your life, reading quotes is a great solution. Here is a reason why quotes are hugely popular on Instagram.

Can you generate your own motivational quotes ? Then this is just the right niche for you.


And BossBabe is killing it in the niche!

best profitable Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022

Is that it?

What if none of the above-mentioned hottest niches appeals to you so much it makes you want to start a profitable Instagram account? No worries, there are plenty of other niches to choose from. Here’s a list of other niches you might find interesting:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Photography
  • Video editing
  • Life coaching
  • Pregnancy
  • Time management/productivity
  • Psychology
  • Interior design
  • Weight loss/gain
  • Haircare/hair loss treatment
  • Yoga
  • Online dating
  • Relationship advice
  • Writing/copywriting
  • Language learning
  • Learning to play a musical instrument
  • Astrology
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Baking
  • Music
  • Gaming

Of course, this is not a full list of all the niches. As I mentioned, there are over a thousand of them. This means that you can always choose what you really like. Choose a popular niche or a smaller one. Combine two or more sub-niches to fit your area of interest. Do whatever you like to create your own, original, unique content that will help you grow and make money.

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best profitable Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022
best profitable Instagram Niches For Growth And Making Money In 2022


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