Open We Stand with COVID-19

Being an Entrepreneur, especially a small entrepreneur, can be like having 2 full-time job. Every day, we need to CREATE content, share it, interact with people about it and we must do all this with the same passion and energy, all year long!

Now that COVID-19 has affected all of us, and especially self-employed and small businesses, we are pushed more than ever to create, INSPIRE, motivate and nourish our community, as COVID-19 will not last forever, but our communities will! 

 It’s during times like these that we, small entrepreneurs and creators, have to come TOGETHER as and help each-other keep up the motivation!  

self employed, entrepreneurs, small business, resources for businesses

As the saying goes: “If you need something done, give it to the busy person”. 

There is something about being “busy” that allows you to find your own rhythm, and your own harmonious way of making things work. As many small and new businesses have closed their doors because of COVID-19, sadly we do not hear anymore that often “I am busy”. 

I too had so many plans beginning of this year…

I was going to double my efforts on my Online Travel Agency, I was establishing many connections and had found the right partnerships to finally have a full running operation, which was my dream. It was something that started as a fun project 2 years ago, and I was finally dedicating myself to it.  

With COVID-19, travel was one of the most affected industries. Thus, mid-March, I found myself confined in my small studio, with nothing but time, and luckily health. I needed to do something. 

First, I reached out to full-time travelers, and bloggers. I started to interview them for my travel blog, thus creating relationships and transforming my blog into a hub of information and insights regarding travel and bloggers. 

This interview section you can find it here “Travel Bloggers “Under” COVID-19″. 

self employed, entrepreneurs, small business, resources for businesses

I also started to participate to many online classes to improve my skills, and many webinars, live events happening even twice a day. This was so powerful to me. I could travel the World from my small city apartment. One morning I was in London and the evening I was dining in New York, one weekend I was in Cyprus, and the next day in Los Angeles. 

I have listened carefully and learned so much from the best of the best, whom are usually charging for their speeches and classes, but with the confinement, and canceled events, we were lucky to have so many free resources online, especially for new and small entrepreneurs. 

All of that helped me get to one conclusion, that my Online Travel Agency can now step into the future and I can start creating Virtual Tours, to help people travel the world, from the comfort of their home. 

self employed, entrepreneurs, small business, resources for businesses

I have seen myself in both extremes, I know how I function being overwhelmed and piling up the “To-Do” lists, but that keeps me happy and full of energy; and I know how I am when I miss the motivation and the rush of having things get done. I do prefer the first. 

Things might never go back to the same, but one thing I truly believe is that it’s not the strongest to survive at the end, but the one who can ADAPT better and faster. 

I can’t wait for you all to tell me what was your state of mind in front of these changes? Did you immediately think to take actions and transform what you were already doing? If so, what helped you get inspiration and motivation? 

self employed, entrepreneurs, small business, resources for businesses

During these difficult times, I am happy to have partnered with @GoDaddy to share with you many resources to help your small businesses stay afloat.

GoDaddy has created the #OpenWeStand community for those looking for resources to help during these hard times. I discovered it trying to find some motivation, on how to transform the concept of my business and tell my story. There I found so much more: I found a community.

Check it out at the link HERE and let me know what you think on the comments below!!! #GoDaddyPartner 

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self employed, entrepreneurs, small business, resources for businesses
self employed, entrepreneurs, small business, resources for businesses


68 thoughts on “Open We Stand with COVID-19”

  1. As an entrepreneur who also worked a part time job my world changed a lot. I went from part time to full time at my job, my son started school from home online, and I felt like my own business was slipping. I had to really sit down and carve out a better schedule that allowed me to still keep up on my own passion while taking care of the rest of my responsibilities too;

  2. Love your vibe and the ‘business’ you praise. Yes, being busy is so exhilarating. Online/Virtual Travel is an interesting idea and it could be a new niche actually. Wish you all the best. If you need a multilingual person at some point, be sure to let me know 🙂 Good luck!!!

  3. WOW. INSPIRING post! I really relate to you a lot – I too like the feeling of being “busy”. I need that constant feeling of having something to do or else I feel run down and sad. Busy work is my favourite work – and you’re right – right now more than ever, it’s been really really hard to achieve that feeling. BUT the fact that you went out, and created it all over again and are pushing the limits to achieve what you want the most – it’s inspiring. GREAT job. Lovely post !

  4. It sounds like you have really been making the most of this time. We’ve been attempting to do the same – adapting as we can, finding new skills and projects to master. Wishing you all the best in this crazy new world we are living in!

  5. Thank you for sharing! For me as an entrepreneur during covid-19, I have really turned it into my favor. I’m glad there are resources like open we stand out there!

  6. I love your mindset and how you adapted during these trying times! You are motivating me to start looking at my problems through a different light.

  7. Love the idea of virtual travel! Glad you used this time and made it worthwhile for yourself! ❤️

  8. This pandemic has changed a lot of our lives. Staying at home to work, to study, to do pwrsonal growth has become the norm. As everyone says, this too shall pass. It might take a long while before we can resume our normal lives

  9. Wow~! you’ve been so productive. My business is events related so i was also put on home in the last 3 months, luckily i have been working as well as a virtual assistant so im not that zero income.

    Thank you for inspiring!

  10. Lovely post! I’m really glad you used this time to think of the future, it’s very inspiring and I wish you the best of luck. I’d love to take one of your virtual tours one day 😊

  11. I admire your innovation and dedication during these uncertain times . I am sure with your newly acquired skills you will come out of this even better than you were before .

  12. I found that the Covid-19 finally gave me the time I needed to start blogging. Being a full-time traveler since July 2019, I always found it hard to really kick off my travel blog… Oh I had many excuses: Bad Wi-Fi, not enough time etc. I know that if you really want to make something work, you have to dedicate yourself 100% to it and give in to the hard work!
    I’m trying to get the best out of Covid-19 but I can feel my motivation and mental health is starting to decline now. I miss my friends, I miss my family, I miss being social. Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive.

  13. I’ve been really putting my all into my blogging these past two months. Even though I am fortunate to still be working during these tough times I made it my goal to blog, blog, blog! It’s been extremely tough and a huge learning curve. The things you mentioned in this post reign true to me. Thanks for sharing!

  14. super inspiring and helpful post. I won’t lie, I think small businesses have been the most impressive during the pandemic. People adapted and changed and WORKED HARD. This post is super encouraging.

  15. We all need something to keep us busy, especially in times like these. Its wonderful to see that you took a bad situation and made it great for you!

  16. So great for GoDaddy to offer these resources. It’s a difficult time for many businesses and at the same time, a great time to pivot.

  17. It appears the travel agency is coming back in so many forms. I have a couple of friends who have set up sites and are now online travel agencies! However, your spin is different now as you are adapting to this craziness. I am sure you can have 2 branches when travel becomes normal again! Online virtual travel is something during this pandemic that is vibrant and so niche now. I am so happy for you – Good luck!

  18. I too like the concept of staying busy. Life changed for me drastically and was laid off from my extremely busy job. Yet I found other ways to keep busy as I truly believe, “idleness breeds madness.”

  19. Thrilled to see that you’re being so proactive despite the times right now!!! You’re going to be READY to go when things open up again!

  20. I’ve been very busy as well– trying to make my business succeed in times like this. This COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all ways to expand our businesses.

  21. Great job using this time to be productive! Starting my blog while working full time and studying for my MBA have been my projects. I love your mindset and can’t wait to follow it 🙂

  22. Reading how you pivoted during the pandemic is inspiring! It really has been a big transition for our business in a lot of ways too -but actually really love change, so part of me is excited to see what the future brings for everyone. I know this will bring a lot of new opportunities for all of us, and it sounds like you have already discovered some of those for your own business!

  23. You sound so energetic in your whole post and it’s captivating. I am currently very busy with so many things as well. Aside from the fact that I am employed full time, and allowed to work from home, I have other business opportunities that are coming my way. I used to work as a social media manager for a travel agency, but that has to be put on a halt for now, as you have said travel and tourism are hugely affected by CoViD 19. But this shall pass. I still have hope for a brighter future ahead.

  24. Still trying to ADAPT to the “new normal” also currently finding inspiration and motivation to continue work and to succeed despite the limitations.

  25. I thoroughly concur. What’s more, this is the reason we need one another. We can never do everything alone! Much obliged to you such a great amount for this motivating remark. It is consistently the assistance and backing of networks and similarly invested individuals.

  26. What a well written post and inspirations for others. This has been a difficult time, especially for those living in large cities. We are lucky where we live in a small seaside community. The world definitely will not be the same as we were accustomed to, especially with travel. There are new opportunities that will come as a result, and your virtual tours venture is sure to be a hit! Best of Luck – Robert 🙂

  27. Surely this moment of standstill has been such only for those who have been idle. There have been many opportunities for growth for those who, like you, have sought them out.

  28. Thank you for sharing your perspectives on how Covid has changed things for you. I got tired of the busy busy busy life. I gave my busy badge and opted for a more slower paced, doing less, being more, kind of lifestyle. It helps me to live in the moment and I’ve found much peace and joy taking time out in nature.

    That’s what I love about the world we live in – we are all different.

  29. i used to love working from home and now im forced to do it all i can think about is how much i miss my office! – its amazing how your outlook on things can just flip!

  30. I love your positive vibe about all of this, i have been keeping myself busy during this time as well. trying to connect with other people and make some alternative plans for the future.

  31. That’s dope that you’ve used this time to grow your skillset and explored new outlets. Congrats.

  32. I agree with you that those who survive, adapt and grow. It’s been a hard time for many but I’m inspired by your optimism and will to keep going.

  33. I love this! I can’t even imagine the downfall that travel bloggers, agencies, or anything travel related had to have seen with this whole quarantine situation! I’m glad that you were able to persevere and come out the other side!

  34. I think that is so awesome that you took the restrictions and turned it into an opportunity to network and work with other bloggers! That is such a great way to grow your following and also add to the quality of your blog! Very inspiring!

  35. I’m currently in 4 online classes with Shaw Academy and I’ve been able to work on my blog a lot more. It’s great that you’re able to find stuff to be able to do this type of stuff as well!

  36. Thank you for sharing, I found it very inspiring! I love how you took something negative and worked with it to turn it into something more positive for you!

  37. It is so important to help support each other during these times. I have been reaching out to fellow small business owners, engaging with their content and promoting them in any way that I can. Now more than ever is the time to stand together.

  38. We all have to keep an open mind during this pandemic. We have to look for way to adapt and seize opportunities.

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