New Year’s Resolution: Make Better Choices!

A New Year is coming, and we all start listing those resolutions.

Let’s talk about taking care of our body and mind in order to be the best version of ourselves.

Today’s topic is about those who want to smoking.

As I am passionate about self-care and sportive activities to keep our body healthy and our mind sharp, let’s elaborate this topic and talk about smoking.
I started smoking as a social activity, because my friends were going on smoking brakes and the conversations were nice. I did not smoke during my high-school or university, but I started much later, and I really enjoyed it. Surely, I did not like the effects it had on my skin, my teeth and breathing.
That is when I decided to stop. As it was not a long time I was smoking, it was not as difficult for me to quit, as some of my friends. This is how I learned about nicotine pouches.
What are nicotine pouches and are they a better alternative then smoking?
Nicotine pouches come in small packs. For a better example of Nicotine pouches you can check HERE.
It does give the same satisfaction as smoking, without the need of combustion. How to use them? It’s as simple as adding a pouch in between the lip and the gum. If you are like me, you can decide to chew it like the tobacco.
I was surprised to know that these products are becoming increasingly famous in Europe and especially Sweden has the highest consumption of nicotine pouches in the world. This must be the reason why the country has the lowest number of smokers in EU.
Let’s talk taste. They come in a variety of tastes and as mentioned, the satisfaction is the same as that of smoking, while in the meantime the research about its effect have not shown any extreme effect by its usage.

If you are about to ask, why go with nicotine pouches instead of smoking?

One of the most important reasons to go with nicotine pouches instead of smoking are the health benefits. After years of research, many countries are starting to endorse their use because of the lesser side effects.

Just like I came to know about the product, this is also a safe solution for those who are trying to stop smoking.

For people that like chewing, for those who miss the smoking as a process, and are addicted to nicotine, this is a less harmful and less addictive solution then chewing tobacco. These are my reasons why nicotine pouches are a better alternative to smoking. I assure you there many other reasons and I might get back to that with another blog!

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored post but the opinions are completely my own 🙂 


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