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Hey my friends!

As I get so many questions about tactics on finding your niche, finding your
audience, getting their attention and confidence, and growing on Social Media, I
decided that this Free Guide would be my gift to you.
Instagram remains the sweetheart of the social media scene.
Although, challenges are emerging that point to Instagram’s potential dimming
because of reduced engagement rates and competition from new challengers,
such as TikTok.

Regardless all the changes and engagement drop, seems that still everyone is
seeking ways to increase their Instagram account. That’s why I have put together
a few tips that are currently working for me, and my accounts are growing every
day, to ensure your organic reach on Instagram.
These are 7 ways you need to master, and I will continue with another Free Guides
full of tactics, on how to attract the attention of real audience and followers.
If you are also planning to start a blog, see here How to start a Blog in 2020!

7 Sure Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2020!

In the meantime, let’s be friends on Instagram!

Instagram has gone through some mayor changes in the last 6 months.
How do we quantify success on Instagram in 2020?
The “Vanity Metrics”, like the number of likes only, is not the most important
thing anymore! The number of people Reaching, is much higher than likes and
comments. For this you will need to switch on Creator or Business account.

grow followers and instagram engagement organically in 2020

Let’s agree that in 2020 & beyond, Instagram success is your authentic/real followers and
the number of people your post has Reached, so how many people have actually
seen your post?
Growing your following organically can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.
In this guide, I give you seven surefire ways to take your Instagram game to the
next level.
These are expert advice and tips on how to achieve authentic organic Instagram
growth, without having to resort to buying followers or any other “spammy”
tactics. These tips and hacks are proven to generate results and are guaranteed to
work in 2020—and beyond.
Whether your goal is to grow your brand’s audience to hundreds of thousands of
raving fans, or you simply dream of getting 1,000 followers on Instagram—this is
your guide.

Let’s dive in!

Instagram Growth Hacks from an Instagram Manager

1. Why you should not use bots, power likes or other “growth
techniques” to grow your following

Like most Social Media, Instagram keeps its secret behind its success.

This has made succeeding with the algorithm seem like rather an exhausting task
to some. In an attempt to beat the algorithm, many have resorted to using
growth techniques and automation services that can best be described as
However, while using spammy tactics and buying engagement might seem
tempting, it simply won’t cut it in 2020. It’s also a risk that’s not worth taking.
Given Instagram’s heightened efforts to cut down fake engagement, using
spammy growth techniques could result in your account being restricted or
The same goes for buying followers. When you buy a following, you don’t have an
authentic community or engagement. You will have empty numbers, and no

2. What are the best Instagram hashtags for followers?

Let’s talk about hashtags.
You probably already know that hashtags are crucial in making your posts
discoverable and bringing in views on your posts.
When used right, hashtags are one of the best ways to increase the reach of your
posts and, hopefully, get more followers and engagement on your account. At
worst, they’re like black holes—your post gets sucked into a content abyss, never
to be seen by human eyes again.

instagram hashtag reach and strategy

Let’s look at why:

Popular hashtags vs targeted hashtags – which are better?
A hashtag with a million posts might seem great at first glance (who hasn’t been
tempted to use a cheeky #NoFilter or #ThrowbackThursday?), but it’s actually
very hard for your content to stand out with a hashtag like this.

The hashtags that will work best for you depend on the size of your account, your
engagement, and your niche.
You should be aiming for hashtags that don’t have too many posts, and where the
featured “top posts” have, on average, the same number of likes that you get on
your own posts. 

3. How to write captions for Instagram

Writing good captions can be challenging. Who hasn’t spent more time than
you’d like to admit trying to write the perfect caption, getting the tone “just

A good caption can give you more likes, engagement, and followers. It can even
drive traffic to your website and conversions for your business.
So, how do we best use captions to our advantage?
If there was a magic formula to captions, it would be this: a good caption contains
elements of authenticity and storytelling, is fairly long, gives value to the reader
(whether it be entertainment, education, inspiration or something else) and
prompts the reader to take action with a strong CTA.

4. Your bio is your business card.

Think of your bio as being like a business card and storefront in one. People
coming to your profile will decide whether to follow you in a matter of seconds,
so the job of the bio is to convince them to do so.
The best Instagram bios have a few things in common: they give the reader a clear
picture of what the brand is about, include something that piques the reader’s
interest, such as a relatable detail or humorous line, and prompt the reader to
take a specific action.

Choose an attention-grabbing profile picture

It seems obvious, but we’re going to say it anyway—choose a clear, attention-
grabbing profile picture.

Let your audience know what to do with a strong CTA

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action in your profile. Use the opportunity to
direct people to your website, sign up for your webinar, download a freebie or
use a discount code on your store. 

5. Use Stories & Live Streaming to boost your Instagram growth.

Stories might be one of the newer features of Instagram, but they should not be
left as an afterthought if you want to boost your Instagram presence.
Instagram is also focusing heavily on Stories, and they have been predicted to
become the main way people share content on the platform.
Use the interactive features to engage with your audience, e.g. with polls and by
asking questions. New features are being added constantly, so you’ll never be
short of options.
They’re also a great way to fill in gaps in your content calendar—and to keep your
audience engaged.

Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your Stories:

Tip 1: Use hashtags in your Stories to maximize their reach.
We recommend using the full 10 hashtags for a greater chance of getting

Tip 2: Use geotags to target (strategic) locations. 

Geotags allow you to tag a specific location in your Stories. Once tagged, your
story has the chance to be featured in the hashtag’s highlight reel for 24 hours.
What some might not know is that you don’t always have to tag the location
where you’re actually in. If you want to build your following in a specific location,
you can tag the location in your story.
Try tagging a popular location, such as New York, to see if that brings in more
And just like with hashtags, if geotags don’t fit the look you’re going for with your
Stories, you can hide them in the background or behind a gif.

Tip 3: Highlight your best Stories.

Don’t forget to add Stories to your highlight reel in order to allow your followers
to view the best ones even after they have been deleted after 24 hours. 

Tip 4: Tease your new posts in your Stories 

With the ongoing stream of content on Instagram, it can happen that some of
your followers miss out on seeing your new posts in their feeds.
To promote a new post in your main feed, post the image in your Stories, but
cover a key part of the image with an emoji or gif.

instagram hashtag growth reach and strategy
instagram hashtag growth reach and strategy
instagram hashtag growth reach and strategy

Pro Tip

Remember that even more important than when to post, is that you post

The truth is that growing your Instagram following is to some extent a numbers
game—the more you post, the more chances you have to be discovered and
followed by your potential and ideal audience, and the more engaged existing
followers will feel with your message and your content.

Experiment with different types of content 

It’s worth it to experiment with various types of content to see what resonates
with your audience.

And lastly, remember that Instagram is about community!
Unless you’re a celebrity, it takes months of consistent effort to build an engaged
audience on Instagram. The tips in this article will give your account and content a
very good chance of growing, but in the end, no amount of optimization will help
if you aren’t consistently providing your audience with consistent, useful content
and kind behavior. Engage with them by commenting thoughtfully on their
content as well.
Focusing strictly on numbers can also distract you from what’s really the core of
Instagram (and all social media)—community. It’s Social Media, let’s keep it
social! 😊

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instagram growth engagement
instagram growth engagement


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