9-5 escapee to Digital Entrepreneur

Instagram Growth Hacks from an Instagram Manager

With everything that happened during the lockdown, 2020 helped me understand, that even though I have my health, people I love, stable job, hobbies and passions, I was not where I wanted to be.

I was not feeling fulfilled, I was not making an impact…

“The moment you decide you are meant for bigger things, everything changes” …and this is what happened to me! 🙌🏻

Five years ago, it did not even cross my mind I would be living in Paris, (yes, Paris, France, ohlala).

Five years ago, I was still working as a freelance translator (P.S: I have a Masters Degree in Foreign Languages), and although I loved being a media translator, I was constantly working, even on vacation, because I was paid by every word translated. And although I had a flexible schedule, I was not really fulfilled, or making an impact.

This is when everything changed.

Instagram Growth Hacks from an Instagram Manager

After a difficult break-up with a possessive boyfriend, back in my home country, I started reading many inspiring stories of full-time, successful bloggers…

…thus I decided to leave my country, start a travel blog, and build my online presence.

I would love to tell you that from there, everything went perfectly,

that I became this overnight success and now I have millions of followers, that I am writing this blog from a tropical beach resort, but No!

Well, here I am just 1 year ago. (My hair was different. It’s not true that blondes have more fun). I did not look so happy, right?

While also traveling and continuing to write on my blog, it was still very small and new, and it was not enough to turn it into my full-time job.

I needed to adapt and afford living in this other country, so I accepted an office job.

It was very exciting in the beginning, and I wanted to prove myself in a demanding job. Being a foreigner, I worked twice more than the others, while forgetting about my dreams, and passions. Here is what a stressful job environment did to me…

  • Felt helpless
  • I was not making an impact
  • Years were passing me by
  • Life was happening to me, not for me
  • Suffered from anxiety
  • Burnout
  • Cried myself to sleep
  • Stopped taking care of my physical + mental health

For these and many other reasons, it did not feel like that was my destination, it did not feel that I was accomplishing my purpose. I had this inner voice telling me: “They don’t see the real you here… You are meant for bigger things”.

Cheers to the New Me!

Its true when they say “you need to surround yourself with new people”, and especially like-minded people. Change your circle, and you will change your life. I started to have conversations with my online community, and especially ladies who had lost their job, and were jumping into entrepreneurship. All of them had brilliant business ideas, but some of them had no confidence to build their image online, their Personal Brand. Some of them had no idea how to market themselves on Social Media, or build a website. But I had been dong that for years, I had been there, and I could help them.

I  started to see how important it was to help others, especially women like me, who wanted to change the 9-to-5 lifestyle and start their own entrepreneurial journey.

And now, I have had the chance to collaborate with amazing people and brands, to help grow their businesses, and doing something that I love, daily.

The best thing for me is to combine my real passions with my full-time activity. 


Ready for another exiting news?

After finishing my Digital Marketing certification with WHARTON, I am now starting my own Marketing Agency to help business owners ✨SHINE✨ , grow their brands, and build an engaged community.

I found my way of making an impact and that is by helping others, who are now, where I used to be. My inner voice is at peace.

If by sharing this, I inspire even one person to find courage and inspiration to do what they really love, it would be really fulfilling!

Are you ready to live a life where you stop putting limits to yourself?

I certainly am!

grow your brand and business, using social media strategies with ease

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from 9-5 office corporate to online digital entrepreneur 1
from 9-5 office corporate to online digital entrepreneur 1


15 thoughts on “9-5 escapee to Digital Entrepreneur”

  1. Isn’t it amazing how travel, opening ourselves up to new places and experiences shows us how strong we are and helps to act as that bridge between the traumas of the past and greatness of the future!

  2. I love your success story! I just started my blog and this gives me hope that if I work hard enough, I can turn it into a full time job!

  3. Would love to hear more about how you made the leap from contractor to full time creator! Does your consulting biz help make that happen?

    Regardless, thanks for sharing your life with the world. Everyone needs to wake up at least once in their life and make a big change! 🙂

  4. Thanks for this great post! You are so relatable 🙂 I find myself in that corporate job mindset too where I’m struggling to really find much meaning to what I do in my 9-5. Luckily I have quite a good work life balance and that allows me to invest some time into my passion projects.

  5. It’s great that you were able to become a full-time blogger. I am striving to become a full-time blogger too for my new Travel Blog. Thanks for the motivation.

  6. Wow…this is really motivating! I admire your courage and determination. You inspire me to continue to want to pursue my dream. Thank you!

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