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Road-trip experts. Adventurers whom 6 years ago left their jobs and material stuff, to travel full time

Whether on an exciting road-trip through Iceland, island hopping through the Andamane Sea or a relaxing beach holiday in the Caribbean – these adventurers and road-trips experts love but one thing, travelling, and all the freedom it brings with it.

Six years ago they decided to quit their jobs, leave al material things behind and start to travel the world. The love for road-trips has taken them from the steppes of Patagonia to the windswept North Cape, from the endless expanses of the Australian outback to the red canyons in Utah, from the lonely bays of Albania to the deserts of Morocco…

For all of you interested about road trip, vanlife, world travel and honestly, the most beautiful destinations, The Travely is the right place to get insiders tips and inspiration.

Choose dusty roads”
Invest in Memories”
Money returns, time does not”


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Through our virtual traveler communities, I had the chance to talk and try to discuss with Valeria as what she believes the future of “traveler professionals” will be. Here is her answer about some of my questions:

  • How do you believe the travel industry is going to be affected post the coronavirus?
  • Do you believe everything will go back to normal?
  • Do you think that the world is going to change and this will impact the leisure travel forever?
  • If so, what kind of changes you expect? What do you think those changes will be?

This pandemic has turned the world upside down. Things that we took for granted don’t exist anymore. I also believe that traveling as we used to know will no longer be the same after Coronavirus.

I am afraid that many tourist destinations, many hotels, restaurants and tour operators will not survive this pandemic and the economic consequences of it. In the end, a completely new offer for travelers will gradually build up. But I think there is something good about this pandemic too. It shows us how fragile our lives are. It shows us what is really important. Family, health, freedom. It shows us the things that make us really happy – because now we lack them.

One day the world will be fine again and I hope people have not forgotten what this pandemic showed us: The really important things in life. It is not material things. It’s the moments when we were the most happy. The moments when we did all the things that made us joyful. The moments when we were with our loved ones”.

  • What are your favorite pastimes during the self-isolation?
  • Where do you see yourself and your projects post-Coronavirus?

After this pandemic, I will only do things that really make me happy. I won’t waste any more time because I know how precious it is. And I hope people do the same.

During the quarantine, I try to be as productive as possible. That’s not always easy. I read travel guides, I am working on my travel blog, I am looking for inspiration for upcoming road trips and prepare for my next trips – hope dies last ! “.

Follow their world-wide adventures on their amazing website, full of beautiful pictures...

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35 thoughts on “Choose dusty roads”

  1. I do hope that travel returns to “normal” soon. I miss being able to go out and visit even small, local destinations. I usually plan big trips a year in advance and just haven’t been motivated to do it as our March 2020 trip was canceled/postponed.

    1. I understand, darling. All my flights were canceled as well. This will be a year of self-reflection and gratitude! Stay strong and thanks for visiting my blog!

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      1. I really felt when she said “i wont waste more time”. The pandemic has made me appreciate time more than anything. I also am curious to see what changes will happen in the travel industry.

  3. Gosh, each time when it is like X years ago they quit their job and started travelling…. what? I would not be able to survive for more than a month. Cool story though

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  5. You’re so right. Traveling will never be the same. Whether because of logistical issues or because we will approach it with a new mindset!

  6. I’Ve always wanted to take a road trip. Unfortunately, never really found the time. Life keeps getting in the way, I guess. However, now that my son is a bit older, when things get back to normal, I definitely will. Life is too short not to do the things you want, right?

  7. I will definitely go on a much desire road trip when life goes back to normal. Life is too short not to do the things you want, right?

  8. I love interview type posts. Travel really does broaden your thinking. Definitely, this virus has changed us all and I’m sure travel is going to more ‘experience’ than shopping.

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