Better alternatives to smoking?

Why Nicotine Pouches instead of Smoking?

Nicotine pouches are white pouches containing either nicotine derived from tobacco or tobacco-free version. There is no combustion involved and because of this the effects on users are so much less than those of smoking.

Benefits of using nicotine poches instead of smoking, is that even if you consume the same amount of nicotine, you are not exposing the airways to carbon monoxide, which is the one to cause lung cancer.

Other benefits? No stained teeth, no yellowish skin, and a variety of flavors to choose from.

Nicotine Pouch Flavors

By researching about the nicotine poches, I was surprised by the huge variety of products that are available to us.


Let’s navigate through flavors!


The Refreshing Nicotine Pouch. In terms of abundance, mint is in the lead which can cause quite the confusion upon your search for a new favorite.

The Ace Eucalyptus Slim White delivers a strong experience. This should not be the first choice for the newbies, but will give the nicotine lovers a real treat.

If you are totally new to this, you will love the Zyn Spearmint Mini Dry with its sweet notes of spearmint and light nicotine content. As I said from the start, there is a product for everyone in the mint category.

The Fruity Nicotine Pouches. The Ace Citrus Slim White will give you a very strong nicotine kick, accompanied by a citrus flavor, which is both sweet and sour.

For a softer nicotine taste the Lyft Tropic Breeze Slim has to be the perfect choice for you.

This is a unique flavour of mandarin, mixed with the sour taste of passion fruit and sweet flavor of mango.

The Natural Nicotine Pouch. If you are switching from tobacco products and you are looking for more natural tasting nicotine pouches, then you might go with the liquorice flavor! I was told the mix of liquorice root and anise will get you hooked.

The Lyft Liquorice Slim Strong is perfect for those going from the regular tobacco products and are looking for a stronger taste.

The Creamy Nicotine Pouch. This is my favorite. Remember those delicious moments of the morning coffee with a cigarette?

Here you have both in one. The Coffee flavor is a recent addition to the pouches. You can have you favorite Frappuccino or a strong Espresso without having to carry hot mug at all.

Have your nicotine pouch the way you have your coffee? Strong, tasty and sweet, with a long-lasting flavor.

The On! Coffee 6 will give you just that.

Yet another great option is the Zyn Espressino Mini Dry which I see it as more adapt for newbies, as the nicotine content is lower, and the flavor is smooth.

Ah, I see, you like your coffee creamy, with some vanilla, cocoa, and nougat in it?

Then the Coffee Nicotine Pouches are for you!

Here is my favorite source of information regarding nicotine pouches

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Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored post but the opinions are completely my own.


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