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Become a Freelance Instagram Manager

If you have been thinking about starting an Online Business, or making an income online, I was in the exact same spot a few years ago. Especially after the lockdown, I was determined to start a “side hustle”, so I could afford to quit my job. If this sounds a little like you, continue reading…

I needed to find something I was good at… Over the years, I had learned to grow my personal instagram, so I focused on Social media. My journey has been eventful, I started as a Virtual Assistant, then as a Social Media Coach, but I was feeling so drained, and giving all my energy on coaching calls. After a while, I decided to focus on one thing, becoming an Instagram Manager, because being a specialist in one thing, will get you further than being a generalist on a lot of things.

Although my personal profile @itsinalibra was growing, that was not going to help me get clients for my business, none of my followers needed my services. So, I started a new one @inasmedia

The truth is, you don’t need previous experience to get clients, because you can start a new instagram business account today, and use it as a testimonial for potential clients to see what you can do, even without any real client experience (as a start).

If you’re like most of us creators, here’s why you might be stuck:

1. You are using Instagram wrong 
You’ve become a content “machine”, focusing on creating as much as you can, and as a result, burning out! (yes, that was me also).

2. You are not getting your message through
You can be an amazing content creator, but that means NOTHING if you don’t have something to SELL. (that was me also).

3. You don’t have a system to sell.
Being on Instagram TOO MUCH can prevent you from moving forward. Even if you are posting a lot, and have many followers, do you have the necessary sales + marketing processes to start signing PAYING CLIENTS?

You’re in the right place, at the right moment because you know…

  • You want to step off the content creation hamster wheel without compromising your consistency and engagement.

  • You struggle with attracting & converting your followers into paying clients because they can’t see how you can help them.

  • You’re tired of only getting ONE piece of the puzzle of how to monetize your creation + you’re sick of doubling your work just to fill in the missing gaps.

Instagram Growth Hacks from an Instagram Manager, coach turned to course creator, digital entrepreneur

What if you could…

  • Have a step-by-step, easy-to-understand system to walk you through everything you need to start monetizing your content on Instagram…by having your own Instagram Management Business?

Why is now the best time to be an Instagram Manager?

Take a look at the video below 👇

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You will get my proven Roadmap to start your own business online, to start making money with social media, and offer your skills as a freelancer. I am so happy to have created this training to help you start your own entrepreneurial journey!!

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Want to know more? This training OUTLINES from A-to-Z of starting and launching a successful Instagram Managing business using only INSTAGRAM & over 9k amazing students and aspiring entrepreneurs have joined so far.

The real reason why most of businesses fail within the first year, is not because creators don’t work hard enough. It’s because they don’t know what to focus on to help them monetize their skills & make money on a recurrent basis.

If you’ve experienced at least 1 of these 3 mistakes, I am here for you!

The Become an Instagram Manager training takes the guessing out of:

  • What to post?
  • How to get clients?
  • How to work with clients?

I can’t wait to teach you what I have learned and help you become a successful Instagram Manager, working with clients from all over the world, and making real money from Instagram.

Take a look at the lessons provided on THIS  page –and the full Curriculum previews– to get a better idea of the value of this training.

You will also get many BONUSES, like Workbooks, Checklists, 30-Day Content Calendar, 300-Caption Templates, Hashtag Research + Hashtag Bank...and many more.


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how to become a social media manager with no experience in 2022

My story: from 9-5 to digital creator

I’m a Digital Marketer and Business Coach. I decided to leave my office job to start an Online Business. 

I have a Masters Degree in Foreign Languages, and I am also certified in Digital Marketing by WHARTON.

The best thing I ever did, was to invest in myself. So, I enrolled in different Masterminds & Business Courses, I decided to invest and learn from people who had already done what I wanted to achieve.

Now I am happy to say that I have a proven blueprint + strategies to help you grow your freelancing or online business. Let’s level up!

Instagram Growth Hacks from an Instagram Manager, coach turned to course creator, digital entrepreneur

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  1. Interesting stuff. I am thinking about becoming a freelance social media manager as I would have more control over my business and life. Thanks for the info.

  2. I had been looking for such an article for a long time and today I found your article very interesting and full of detailed information. Thank you, great job !

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