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10 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

This blog is for those who are looking for inspiration to start a freelancing or online business.

I have listed the quickest and easiest Online Businesses you can start in 2022 (some of them tried myself also).

Owning and maintaining an online business gives entrepreneurs the freedom to make money from anywhere in the world. The idea is enticing, and more possible than ever, but many entrepreneurs don’t know where to start. The most important step in starting a profitable online business is to find a business idea that matches your skills and strengths.

Whether you are looking to become a full-time entrepreneur or just to start a part-time business for extra income, your product or service should fulfil a specific consumer need, or solve a problem they have. We’ve compiled a series of profitable need-based businesses, with minimal startup costs, that you can start as soon as possible.

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1. Blogger

Blogging may seem like an outdated business strategy, since nearly everybody already has one, but the competition should not deter you from starting this online business journey. If you love writing or have important information to share, blogging may be a profitable business for you.  

Starting a blog as a business is very simple with website builders like WordPress, but the key to success is consistency and quality. To gain a steady traffic, you must continually write and produce high-quality content that provides value to your readers. Content that educates, informs or entertains your readers gives them a reason to follow you.

Once you’ve mastered the creation of consistent content, you can make money through your blog by selling products like online courses, digital coaching, e-books or webinars. You can also sell ad space or sponsored posts. This business strategy may take a little more time and effort to monetize, but it can be very profitable in the end.

2. Virtual assistant

Do you have impeccable organizational skills and task management abilities? Maybe it’s time to put those skills to good use by becoming a virtual assistant. VA services typically consist of basic administrative tasks like entering data, making travel arrangements and answering phone calls. Previous experience in this field is ideal but not required.  

Platforms like Fiver and Upwork make it easy for VA professionals to find jobs. They allow you to create an online profile and sign up for tasks you want to complete – such as data research, virtual assistance or basic errands – and begin building clientele.

3. Affiliate marketer

If you love leaving customer reviews on sites like Amazon, you may want to look into affiliate marketing as a source of income. Word-of-mouth advertising is still a huge lead generator for many companies, and many businesses are willing to share a portion of their profits with persuasive individuals who will promote their products to the public.

Affiliate programs break down into different levels of involvement: unattached, related and involved. Unattached affiliate marketing is a basic pay-per-click campaign that requires little to no involvement with the product you are promoting. Related affiliate marketing requires you to have some authority and content on the product you are marketing, but you don’t personally use the product. Involved affiliate marketing is perhaps the most effective, as you’ll be marketing a product that you actually use and enjoy.

If you have a personal website or social media presence, affiliate programs may be a profitable approach for you. PR reps are always seeking out brand advocates and influencers they can send free samples to.

Those with a large social media following or online presence can channel that power into creating revenue through affiliate marketing.

5. Digital courses

Similarly to tutoring, people all over the world might benefit from you sharing your expertise with them. Starting an online business that offers digital courses to anybody interested in the topic can easily earn you money – you can sell prepared written materials or other downloadable content for a fee.

Also, platforms like Udemy , make it super easy for you, as they are a Marketplace of Courses, with their own database of students looking to learn there. You will not need to spend anything to publish or market your course. These platforms are doing it all for you and it’s an amazing way to validate your concept, and try out the experience of publishing your first course.

But also platforms like Teachable, where you can publish your first course completely for FREE!

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4. Social media consultant

how to become a social media manager with no experience in 2022

If you have business and marketing experience, why not create a business that helps young entrepreneurs find success? As a business consultant or coach, you could use your skills to help new business owners get off to a good start and help experienced entrepreneurs keep up with demand. Your chances of success are greater if you focus your strategy on a niche aspect of business consulting. 

6. YouTube channel

YouTube makes starting an online education business especially easy. Upload videos of yourself educating viewers on any subject, whether beginner or advanced, and use social media to spread word of your channel. As your number of viewers grows, you’ll be able to monetize your videos and make a profit from them.

Example: Take a look at my attempt to keep a consistent Youtube Channel, although almost impossible, but I try. You tell me what you liked more.

7. Online Coaching

Some people looking for one-on-one help might want something more than lessons. People who want help advancing their careers, improving their nutrition or finding more meaning in their lives could benefit from your coaching through video chat software like Zoom or Skype. Rather than giving exercises and grades, as a tele-coach, your goal is to offer advice, guidelines and support for your clients. If you run a blog for your business or regularly post to LinkedIn about the topics in which you’re coaching, you’ll appear more trustworthy and knowledgeable.


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8. Podcast network

The past several years have seen an explosion in podcast availability and listenership, and you can capitalize on that by starting your own podcast network. You can populate the network with any podcasts you record, but if you give other people – whether friends or strangers from the internet – opportunities to contribute their own podcasts, your network will likely grow more quickly. As your network grows, you can increase the price per podcast download.

9. Technical writer

The internet is full of copywriters for hire, but only a few of these copywriters have the technical background to properly write an instruction manual for a large machine or properly convey scientific results. If you have a background in science and can write about it, start an online business through which people can hire your technical writing services. Advertise yourself on LinkedIn, Fiverr and other platforms to draw in customers.

10. Startup advisor

Many of the world’s most prominent tech companies began as small startups still figuring out the right business model for success. As a startup advisor, you can advise tomorrow’s companies today. Use any expertise you have in corporate finance, software development and other relevant fields to provide new businesses with the knowledge they need to succeed. As these startups succeed, so will your business. If you’ve mastered the art of starting a business, help others start theirs.

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free online business ideas, no investment , work online, make money from home, social media manager, no experience, 2022
free online business ideas, no investment , work online, make money from home, social media manager, no experience, 2022

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  1. These are really some great ideas. I’ve been thinking of starting a Youtube channel for a while now, maybe I will! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Being a blogger has been one of the best things I have done for myself career-wise. It has opened so many doors for me and allowed me to wear many hats so I will never stop learning.

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